Newborn Session Details

When you book a newborn session with Valerie Clement Photography, I want you to simply show up to your session with your sweet baby and know that everything else will be taken care of for you. I get many questions about my newborn photography experience so I am answering those below! P.S. Much of the below applies to studio sessions, if you're looking for an in-home lifestyle session, please contact me for more information!

What newborn packages do you offer? 
I have multiple newborn packages to fit a variety of budgets. My sessions range from a "mini" baby only session that includes a limited number of digital images to the "gotta have it all" package, that includes family, baby, everything, plus all of your digital images. Contact me for a copy of my Newborn Welcome Guide with more specifics on each package, number of images included, etc. Packages start at $400 and all include digital images with a print release.

What's included in your newborn sessions? 
The short answer... everything. I have an ever expanding studio of props from bowls to beds to backdrops and wraps in just about every color you can imagine. From start to finish, I include everything in any session you book with me.

Do you offer in-home sessions?
When I first started out, I did offer posed sessions in home but traveling with all of my lighting equipment, props, wraps, accessories, was a challenge and I never felt like I could replicate studio lighting in someone's home. However, I have clients who love more natural lighting and posing so I do offer an in-home lifestyle newborn session. This is very different from my studio sessions as it's photographed using natural light, minimal props, and it's all about your family. 

Why do newborn sessions cost more than other sessions? 
This is a common question and I totally understand that when you're expecting, you're already looking at adding so many expenses, so the cost of a newborn session might seem a bit daunting. This is why I offer a variety of packages with different options to photograph baby only or include family, purchase additional digital images after your session, and even payment plans when booking in advance. 

Many people just don't really know or understand what actually goes into a newborn session, so here's a little breakdown!

The Newborn Studio
I have a huge investment in my photography studio, from my camera and lenses, of course, to professional lighting equipment, countless props, and MANY hours spent on newborn photography education. I have learned from some of the best in the industry and continue to spend time perfecting posing, new wrapping techniques, and above all, how to do all of this SAFELY. 

Can't any photographer just take newborn photos? The answer is yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean they've invested into learning how to keep your baby safe, what angles are best to photograph, and have the availability of high end props.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, so this is why you may find many different pricing levels in the market. I often see posts on social media asking for newborn photographers that "don't charge an arm and a leg" and I totally understand that everyone has a budget, which again is why I try to offer many options to accommodate everyone. However, when you see a photographer who is charging more, it's usually for the reasons I've listed above and not because they are just trying to overcharge you!

Before Your Session
After your session is booked, I follow-up with my pre-session questionnaire to learn more about what you're looking for, colors you might like, props you might be interested in, and styles you are envisioning. Then I begin planning, often purchasing new backdrop colors, wraps, headbands, etc. to make your session unique and bring your vision to life. The day before your session, I spend time setting up each prop, pairing it with wraps, bonnets, headbands, and decor, selecting and setting up backdrops, and making sure I am ready to go when you arrive. Before your session even starts, I'm working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. 

During Your Session
Newborn sessions generally last around 1.5 hours for a mini (or lifestyle) and 2 - 3 hours for a full session. I will spend my time wrapping and posing baby, straightening little fingers, soothing baby back to sleep, and perfecting every image. Sessions are usually very warm, so dress comfortably (I definitely do since I am usually crawling around on the floor and sitting in front of a heater for the majority of the session). I recommend light clothing and/or layers you can remove as you get warmer! Many parents often doze off during sessions and I'm ok with that too! It definitely makes me feel good when you trust me enough to take care of your little one while you catch up on some much needed sleep. 

After Your Session
This is where my work really begins. I spend hours editing your sweet babe's images. Many people don't realize how much time goes into editing newborn photos. There is definitely an art to editing newborn images and again, I have invested into learning the best techniques and owning the best software and newborn editing tools in the industry. But don't most newborns already have perfect skin? Baby skin is beautiful but when editing up close under studio lighting, there is a lot of work to be done on minimizing uneven areas, bruising from birth, baby acne, redness, and jaundice. And I do this to about 40 different images! 

If you have more questions I can answer, I'm always happy to chat! And please contact me for a copy of my Newborn Welcome Guide! I can't wait to work with your family!




Valerie Clement Photography offers Newborn, Maternity, Family, and Milestone portraits to the Kalispell, MT and nearby Flathead Valley area. 

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