newborn welcome guide

Services offered by Kalispell Newborn Photographer, Valerie Clement

CONNEction. magic.

These are the elements that inspire me as an artist. I try to imagine what it would be like to step into a painting, where the skies burst to life with color and you can almost feel the warmth of the summer sun. This is what I hope to convey through photos. But my ultimate hope is that you will feel free to be you, and that we can create the images you've been dreaming of in any environment. These photos are not about the perfect clothing or the perfect view; they're about capturing you, your family, and your moments.  

When you book a session with me, I want you to find yourself getting lost in the moment...stand in awe of the mountains, feel small beneath the big sky, or simply gaze at the innocence of your newborn baby.

I'm so happy you're here! I'm a former desert girl who fell in love with the mountains, a mom of three (including twins), and I'm so obsessed with skies that even my kids point out every photo worthy sunset! 

light. color. moments. connection. magic.

Let's make something magical together.

hello & welcome

Let me first begin by saying, congratulations! I'm so excited and honored to share more about my newborn sessions with you. This Welcome Guide has information about the Newborn photography experience as well as pricing details. It's so important to me to provide an amazing experience from start to finish and that's why every session is planned down to the tiniest details. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

location & scheduling

My studio is located in South Kalispell about 10 minutes from downtown. It is located in its own building with its own entrance and parking on my property and was custom designed by me. I have a fully stocked prop closet (some might say too full!) and provide everything needed for your session.

I generally recommend booking in your second trimester and I will save our session on my calendar using your due date. Your session will be officially scheduled once baby is born and at about 6 to 21 days of age, give or take. 

working with children

As a mom of three, I totally understand the stress of family photos with young children and worrying if they will behave, will they smile, or will they just cry? First things first, don't stress! I promise that I won't be phased by children crying or not listening. Your children are who they are and this is all about documenting real life and your family, just as you are. 
Will we get just one smiling photo? I will definitely try my best but the more pressure we add, the less likely it is to happen. If parents relax, kids are more likely to follow suit. I know that having a new family can be stressful, particularly for younger children, so please don't worry or apologize for behavior. :) 

 I want your photography session to be easy, relaxed, and most importantly, an experience you enjoy! My studio session pricing for newborn sessions includes use of my extensive (and always growing!) professional props and wardrobe.
 When you book a studio session, I'll discuss styles, colors, props, etc. in advance so that when you arrive for your session, I'll have everything set-up and ready to go. 

newborn studio sessions

full session

  • Full session for baby + family, includes immediate family (parents + siblings)
  • Family poses + 3 - 4 props (wrapped) + blanket posing (unwrapped) + mugshots
  • All edited images of newborn and family, typically 40+ images depending on baby
  • Add $100 for twins, all edited images included
  • $200 Retainer to Secure Your Due Date

Baby + Family


full session

  • Full session, up to 3 hours, for baby only
  • typically 3 - 4 props (wrapped) + blanket posing (unwrapped) + mugshots
  • All edited images included, typically 25+ images depending on baby
  • Add $100 for twins, all edited images included
  • Add One Sibling Pose Plus 2 Additional Images For $100 
  • $200 Retainer to Secure your due Date

Baby Only


mini session

mini session

  • Mini swaddled only session 
  • includes one swaddle in your choice of color, up to 1.5 hour studio session time for immediate family (parents + siblings)
  • Includes family poses (each parent with baby, full family with baby, siblings with baby, etc.) + one individual setup of baby on flokati (fur) rug
  • 8 Digital Images of your choice with print release
  • $150 Retainer to Secure Your Date
  • Add One Prop Setup (i.e. heart bowl, basket, moon prop, etc.) of Baby in an additional wrap/swaddle + 2 Additional Images for $100
  • additional images may be purchased for $35/image or full gallery upgrade for $250 (typically 40+ images)
  • Add $100 for Twins + 4 Images
  • Save $50 When Booked With A Maternity Session 

Baby + Family


mini session

mini session

  • Mini swaddled only session, 1.5 hour studio session time for baby only
  • includes only wrapped (swaddled) in props, typically 3 - 4 wraps/props + mugshots
  • 8 Digital Images of your choice with print release
  • $150 RETAINER TO SECURE your due DATE
  • Add One Sibling Pose or One Family Pose Plus 2 Additional Images For $100
  • additional images may be purchased for $35/image or full gallery upgrade for $250 (typically 25+ images)
  • Add $100 for Twins + 4 images
  • SAVE $50 WHEN BOOKED WITH A maternity session

Baby Only


Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle Session

  • For those who prefer less posed and more candid photos
  • Up to 2 hours in studio
  • Immediate family members included
  • Includes one wrapped (swaddled) prop setup of baby
  • Includes all edited images, typically 40+ Digital Images with print release
  • Save $100 when booked with a a Maternity session
  • $200 Retainer To Secure Your Due Date

Baby + Family


maternity session add-on

Many clients also want to capture that special time before their new baby arrives. Your maternity session will take place on-location throughout the Flathead Valley. I typically schedule these between 28 to 34 weeks and suggest booking by your second trimester to ensure availability. 

Save by adding a maternity session to your newborn session. Immediate family members are included at no charge and I also have a selection of maternity gowns that photograph beautifully and fit a wide range of sizes. These are included free of charge if you wish to use one. 

frequently asked questions

Where is your studio located? 
615 Foys Canyon Rd. Kalispell (by appointment only). 
Please note, currently I do not have a restroom in the studio as it is a new building and we are planning to add one in the Spring. However, I am happy to take someone up to my home to use the restroom.
When should I schedule my session?
I recommend booking anytime after you've reached your second trimester, especially if you plan to include a maternity session. I typically book about two months in advance as I only reserve a few due dates per month. On occasion, I have availability on short notice if my little clients were born earlier or later than expected so always feel free to reach out and ask!

What do your sessions include? 
In short, everything! I provide all props, wraps, headbands, etc. so there is nothing you need to worry about bringing with you. 

What if my baby won't do a certain pose or won't sleep?
 Baby runs the show. I'll never force baby into a pose. If baby won't sleep, I'll usually move on to simple poses or wrapped in props as these are a great way to gently coax baby into sleeping or at least keep those little arms and legs tucked in so we can capture some sweet awake photos. As long as we are able to capture photos where baby is content, that's my main goal. 

What's the difference between a mini and a full session?
A mini session is a swaddled only session as the main goal is to keep baby sleeping and happy so we can accomplish as much as possible in a shorter period of time. A mini baby session is all about baby and incorporates more wraps and props while a mini family session incorporates family posing. 

What's the difference between a posed studio session and a lifestyle studio session?
Studio sessions are styled sessions that are photographed using studio lighting, backdrops, props, wraps, very specific poses, etc. Lifestyle sessions are photographed with studio lighting but they do not include multiple wraps or props and are more candid in nature. My studio has a boho style and I photograph clients using studio decor.

What are baby mugshots? 
These are photos I try to incorporate into all of my studio sessions. These are awake shots, photographed very specifically to capture just the baby's face and all the fun expressions you see them make throughout the day. I take these photos specifically for black and whites. From all these cute expressions, even the crying ones, I'm sure you can see why these have quickly become a client favorite!!

Can I bring my own props? 
If you would like something from home incorporated into your session, please let me know in advance so I can prepare a set for it. My suggestion would be to limit to one item so we have time to capture as many props and poses as possible during your session

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Newborn Session Welcome Guide! I would be honored to be your newborn photographer and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your family. 

Once you have booked, keep an eye out for your Newborn Session Prep Guide. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.